Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Garden 2013

I didn't manage to plant any vegetables this spring, except some cherry tomatoes, which are now starting to ripen. Of course, tomatoes are my least-favorite vegetable, so I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with them yet. I'll have to plan out some fall vegetables to start in August: maybe radishes, spinach or some other greens?

In the meantime, our front flower bed is turning out to be looking very colorful. I planted the lamb's ear a few years ago, having fond memories of seeing and feeling lamb's ear in an herb garden in the local regional park that we used to go to as kids. As it turns out, lamb's ear spreads quite quickly, so I am re-thinking that location. I may remove it entirely and put it somewhere else, or keep it in a container for next year.

Finally, after we got our new front patio installed this spring, I needed to add some shade-loving perennials to border it. I planted some salvia, which may not flower until the fall, and this very nice variegated coleus.

What are you growing this season?


Brenna said...

I am mainly in the ivy-removal business this year, although I also cut down an unfortunately-placed holly tree and some Rose of Sharon.

I did plant some zinnias, and I *think* some might have come up, but I guess I'll have to wait until they blossom to find out for sure.

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The plant in the last photo? Is that the salvia? It looks really pretty. I love the colors on the leaves so I'll look for it and plant it on my own garden. Great work!

Tara said...

The red/green plant is coleus--it really is gorgeous! The salvia is the taller, narrower plant with smaller purple flowers.