Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Coffeeneuring 2012

We are participating in the second annual Coffeeneuring Challenge, sponsored by the most excellent local biking blog Chasing Mailboxes. So far, we have managed to get in three coffee rides over the last two weekends. There is something lovely about being forced to go out on a ride and find a new place to take a break and have a caffeinated drink. Our personal challenge is to try to find seven new coffee shops (i.e., ones we didn't visit last year) and so far, we've been successful. One find was Cremcaffe in Rockville, which we visited this past Saturday. It's a coffee shop with Israeli flair. We didn't try any of their Israeli breakfast specials (opting for toasted bagels, instead), but the service was cheery and the decor bright. It's a bit off the beaten path, next to the cinema in a strip mall, so it was quiet even on the Saturday morning we visited.


Georgie Ormrod said...

So far only one of my cafe stops was new to me. You're inspiring me to see if I can find some undiscovered places.
Not sure we have many Israeli places - tho I might see if I can find one ;-)

Tara said...

Thanks for leaving a comment--Yelp has been really useful for trying to find places that are out of the ordinary or off-the-beaten track, although in this case, off-the-beaten-track meant, next to the cinema in a strip mall.:)